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Dedolight DLOBML-UV


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Technical data
  • Amazing light output with dedolight double aspheric optics world-wide first black light source, focusable like a dedolight from 4° to 56° .
  • No heat emission in exiting rays
  • No other focusing long-wave UV-A LED light source has comparable focus range.
  • Perfectly even light distribution in each focus position.
  • Extremely gentle dimming from full steam to 5% without change of color.
  • Power supply from 6V – 18V DC
  • Adjustable holding arm allows positioning above or in front of camera-
  • Multiple power supply and attachment accessories are available (see Ledzilla accessory list).
  • 1500mW output
  • In comparison to 365nm LEDs Fluoreszilla with 400nm LED shows higher percentage of violet.
  • Many materials reacting to fluorescent light appear in double brightness.
  • Optional battery shoe for Sony, Canon and Panasonic 7,2V Li-Ion batteries available
  • Available as option with 465nm LED
  • When output is dimmed by 50%, power consumption is lowered accordingly, resulting in double run time for batteries.
  • Alternative power supply with Anton Bauer or PAG system, cigarette lighter adapter or battery belt.
  • Power consumption only 6W, inspite of high output
  • Works from –40°C to +40°C
  • LED power indicator
  • NP-F550 7,2V, 2000mA, 105 min. run time
  • NP-F750 7,2V, 4000mA, 210 min. run time
  • NP-F950 7,2V, 6000mA, 330 min. run time
  • Fields of application:
  • Black light effect / UV-active body paint
  • UV-active deco material
  • Magic ink / Edding UV-marker
  • Fluorescent wall paint (paintings)
  • Bank note – document testing
  • Mineralogy
  • Shows poorly cleaned areas in bathrooms
  • (soap & urine spots)
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