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10-bit Uncompressed Analog and Digital Interface for Final Cut Pro 4

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Technical data
  • Io offers Final Cut Pro users unsurpassed 10-bit uncompressed video and multi-channel audio. With Io, you can configure a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, or Power Mac as a professional editing suite, corporate/industrial video center, or high-powered desktop video setup - and just about anything in between.
  • Both analog and digital sources are offered, allowing connection to just about every kind of video/audio peripheral from the most current digital decks to old legacy devices. It does this with unique simplicity, using a single FireWire connection between Io and the Mac - while serving simultaneous realtime connection for all audio and video sources.
  • How does Io transfer uncompressed video over FireWire? It efficiently uses the IEEE 1394a 400Mb/s FireWire port on the Mac for all data transfer - since uncompressed is 270Mb/s (with filler data included), FireWire handily carries the bandwidth.
  • Brackets (rack ears) are provided for front mounting the two-rack-unit Io chassis in a standard 19" (48 cm) equipment rack. You can also mount the Io chassis via the same brackets attached at the rear panel for industrial-style equipment racks. Alternatively, you can use the chassis without any brackets at all; instead placing supplied rubber feet on the bottom of the chassis for use on a desk.
  • Chassis styling complements Apple’s Xserve and Xserve RAID for a stylish desktop video suite appearance.
  • RS-422 Control Port (Sony), 9-pin D, for machine control
  • 10-bit uncompressed SDI with embedded audio I/O
  • Analog (10-bit A/D and D/A) video inputs/outputs:
  • * S-video I/O
  • * Composite NTSC/PAL video I/O
  • * Component YPbPr/RGB video I/O
  • * Genlock/Reference video (looping)
  • 24-bit digital/optical/analog multi-channel audio:
  • * 4-channel AES/EBU audio I/O
  • * 4-channel balanced/unbalanced analog audio In connectors support XLR or TRS-type connections
  • * 4-channel balanced analog audio Out connectors (XLR)
  • * 8-channel optical audio I/O
  • * 8-channel balanced audio monitor Out
  • * 8-channel embedded audio over SDI
  • Audio word clock connector (BNC) for audio synchronization
  • Front panel status indicators: Power On/Off, FireWire (active/inactive), Ref (Genlock), NTSC or PAL
  • Front panel mode indicators: Input/Output
  • Front panel video/audio input source indicators:
  • * Video: Present, SDI, Component, Composite and S-video
  • * Audio: Present, SDI, ADAT, AES/EBU and Analog
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