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QMaster/ QBox Package with Wireless Hand Control

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Technical data
  • Substitute ShuttlePro with Wireless hand control
  • Versatile
  • Control the prompt output from the QBox or using a computer, with unlimited distance between the two (i.e. another room, building or even country)
  • QBox contains an integrated DA with three composite video outputs
  • Connect to any newsroom system (NRCS) via MOS, FTP or our own native protocols
  • Accommodates all languages
  • Resilient
  • QBox has 1/2 Gb storage capacity enabling it to save the latest script or NRCS rundown
  • If the computer crashes, the QBox continues to prompt, controlled locally by the presenter or operator, ensuring you never need to go to hard copy again
  • Once the computer is back up and running, the operator can take central control back
  • Two layers of resilience that reduces costs by removing the need for duplicate prompting systems
  • Liberating
  • QBox can be used for outside broadcasts with no need for a laptop or wires - simply connect to a standard battery belt, load scripts on via a bluetooth capable mobile phone or a USB data key, and control using a wireless scroll control
  • Prompting wherever you have an Ethernet connection
  • Connect your NRCS to QBox in the field
  • Enable your presenters to scroll ahead to review their prompting script whilst their co-presenters are live to air (multi-head license and additional QBox required)
  • Optional add-on modules include Newsroom, Wireless & Bluetooth, Multi-Head, Multi-Controller and Rack-Mount QBox.
  • PC or Laptop - Recommended Specification
  • Operating system: 2000 or XP Pro
  • 2GB RAM
  • 60GB hard drive
  • 2 USB ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Intel Pentium or higher processor
  • QBox
  • Ethernet port
  • Serial port
  • VGA port
  • SDI (additional option)
  • Three composite video outputs
  • Three USB ports
  • Keyboard PS2 port
  • QMaster license, installation CD and USB security dongle
  • License covers connecting one scroll control to the PC/ laptop and one scroll control to the QBox (for additional controllers additional module must be purchased
  • ShuttlePro hand control - option to change for any of our other controllers, including serial multibutton, serial foot control, and wireless control (USB converter available at extra cost)
  • QBox
  • Feature-rich QMaster teleprompter software:
  • Run-order management for multiple scripts
  • Multiple languages - for any complex languages please check exact requirements with your local dealer or direct with Autocue
  • Closed captioning/ subtitles
  • Real-time on-prompter editing
  • Simultaneous off-screen edit and prompt facility
  • Overlays
  • On-screen preview panel (no need for a PC/ laptop preview monitor)
  • Overlays
  • Quick installation guide and detailed user manual
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