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Cinedeck Cinedeck RX

2 channel Multiformat recorder/ monitor with dual SSD slots Cine or Broadcast version (1/2 rack 4U)

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Technical data
  • 7"h × 8.5"w × 9"d (17.8cm x 21.6cm x 22.9 cm); 4 RU half rack, 10lbs (4.5kg)Four removable 2.5" SSD disk drives, front accessible. Redundant wide input DC power: 12-30V (via dual wall adapters) Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure for extreme durability. Less heat, less power, less weight, less size, more capability than other decks.
  • Simultaneous pass thru of incoming signal for on-set monitoring. Realtime HD to SD downconvert. Realtime SD to HD upconvert. All video outputs available for monitoring / signal pass thru. Stereo headphone jack for audio monitoring, front accessible.
  • Unique "double dual-stream" feature provides simultaneous redundant file capture, each to a pair of disks. Capture two channels at one time, with one codec, each writing 2 disk copies (master/safety) simultaneously OR. Supports full mix/match of simultaneous recording of one channel to any two codecs with redundant disk copies of each
  • Large 7" high-res (1024×600) touchscreen display for realtime preview, focus, and review; 800 NITS brightness; Adjustable viewing angle. Realtime composite and per-channel waveform, vectorscope and histogram for accurate quality control; available in overlay or full screen mode. On-screen reticule overlays: grids, crosshairs, safe frames, metadata, and letterboxing (opaque mask mode available) Intuitive gestural touch-screen interface designed for ease of use… most overlay functions available during record
  • Ready to edit content recorded to disk: simply eject an SSD and put it in your editing system for a rapid (eSATA or USB) file copy to Mac or PC
  • Network-accessible browse and playback via dual GigE ports
  • Support for USB 3rd party Jog/Shuttle controller
  • Support for RS422 protocol for VTR-style control
  • Front accessible USB and eSATA connections for copying to external storage
  • Realtime upconvert/downconvert/crossconvert between more than a dozen resolution/ frame rate combinations
  • Upgradeable architecture designed for feature or codec expansion
  • SDI Link, choice of LTC or IRIG, and internally generated timecode support on ingest with on-screen timecode display and programmable offset/start values
  • Master Clock option for jamsync to external clock source
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